Sep. 7, 2006


This is Ruth, my new great friend. We went to a friends wedding on the Island this past week and for part of our trip we stayed with BJ and Ruth. I grew up with Beej.But I just met Ruth when they got married back in 2004. This was the most time I've spent with her. And we had sooo much fun. She is like me in so many ways. We were crazy together. We shared a lot of deep stuff but laughed a lot too. I've never bonded with someone so fast. They might be coming up in Nov. Can't wait!

My Forever Friend

Once in a lifetime you find a friend
that can know what you're thinking before you say it,
will look foolish in public just so you don't have to look stupid alone, will laugh with you, grieve with you, hold you and comfort you. A friend that will be honest with you, confront you, be courageous for you, defend you, protect you, inspire and challenge you! That kind of friend you hold onto with both hands, making sure you never lose them.