Aug. 24, 2009

8 Years!

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August 25th, 2001 -Mr. & Mrs. Magee

'To know someone is to watch and see the dance of their life...
To love someone is to teach another your dance and accept a lesson in return...
To marry is tell the world that this persons dance is the one you want to learn for all your life.'

One movie that has been 'our' movie is Notting Hill. I can't even count how many times we've watched it. There is one scene where Julia and Hugh are sitting in Hugh's living room and talking about a painting on his wall.

The painting is 'La Mariee' by Chagall. Julia says its how love should be, floating in a dark blue sky. Hugh says '...with a goat, playing a violin.' Julia answers, ' well, yes, happiness isn't happiness without a violin playing goat.' This scene is a picture to me of how our relationship is. His funny answers that bring me out of a melancholy state. My love of love that is always moved by something romantic or sentimental. I love our relationship for so many reasons. I can always, no matter what state I'm in, be completely myself. I am always challenged to be the best 'Me'. I have learned to love, really love, in the best and worst of times. I have gained a friend that is closer to me than any I have had in my entire life. A friend that knows me better than anyone. A friend that can know exactly what I'm thinking or feeling in a crowd of people and knows how to tell me without words that he knows and he loves me. 8 years seems like a long and short amount of time. Some days are long, others fly by. But I wouldn't change anything. Because, all that we've weathered, the violent storms and gentle breezes of this crazy whirlwind of life has taught us what it means to lean on each other, to be a companion, defender and friend. I love Mark now more than I ever have. And I don't think I'll ever stop being totally amazed that he married me!

I Love You Mark!