Sep. 22, 2006

Happy 26th Me!!

My 26th birthday was a blast! Thanks to all who came! My Mom made all my favorite foods: Goofy Buns, California Rolls, Poop Drops, Fake Crab roll ups, Guacamole & much More! So a big Woot! Woot! for my momma!!
All my awesome gifts:
From my Mom & Dad 4 canvases, a paint tray a garlic press, pizza cutter & bathing suit.
A Kodak 'Scrapbook in a day' kit from the Penners
A frame with a pic of me when I sang with a choir at the LTT in LA from the Wiebes
A Yummy Candle, hemp lip stuff, Domino Magazine & 'Lolo' nailpolish from Tamara
2 super cool stone frames from granddaughter Tim
Guitar strings & pics from Raeanne
Necklace & Candles from Alannah & Shannon
Poseidon dvd from Jenna
2 CD's from my hubby-"Sweetly Broken" & Jonny Lang "Turn Around"
Beautiful Brown Long sweater from Tanya & Christy
$20 buckaroos from Adam & Char!!

Seeing the great cake...

No-Yah and Tamara...

Tristan helping me show my gifts...

My totally awesome Cake..sorry for the nudity..they put that on their
"The Taste of Cabbage danced in my mouth" was from a Iron Chef episode Christy, Mark & I watched and peed our pants laughing.

The Talented Cup Game (named this until further naming...*ahem* Kevin)

Tristan loved watching but finally decided to join us...

Tristers helping auntie with her presents...

This is not how you play guys....


Sorry guys...this is all it would let me paste for now!!