May 3, 2008


Well, I don't think I'll be able to post much, if at all until
Tuesday or Wednesday!! I'm babysitting twin 18 month old boys!!!!!
So every chance i get for myself..i want sleep!!
Come Wednesday, I'll be posting again!
Love you all!

May 1, 2008

Mommies & Marriage....

is for


which is the hardest & most beautiful thing you will ever do!!

one of my very best friends- she's made me who I am,
allowed me to see weaknesses & struggles so that I could watch her cling
to Jesus and find her strength in Him!!
She's my Hero!

Mr. Rogers & Mr. Dressup
classic, wholesome great!!


which I can't live without! My favorites right now:
-Keith Urban
-Matt Costa (i've just heard him..lovely)
-Leeland -go to youtube & listen to:
'carried to the table'
'brighter days'
'sound of melodies'
'tears of the saints'
(these four songs have changed my life...literally...they are in my Top 10!!)


which I used to watch with my dad!

Market-Farmers Market!
which we (sirena, christy, sirenas mom etc...)will be at this year..
starting this saturday!!!
Come & see us!

Apr. 30, 2008

Lolee & Love...

is for


my beautiful sister who is a part of my heart like no one else.


funny picture maybe to portray marriage,but this is how I feel: Some of the things we face together are sometimes more than I think I can bear. Yet, somehow we get through the storm and on the other side, we think "How did we get through it and survive?" And then we remember that all things are for our sake and even though we thought it would kill us, it refined us, transformed us, dug out the things that were unlovely and made something beautiful.

I stand amazed once again at the greatness of God.

which I do often enough I should be out of laughs.
But it is so true, that it is like medicine!

Apr. 29, 2008


is for


Nothing compares to it!


which I want to learn so I can make:


my new great friend! Who is also my neighbor & co-garbage dumpster hater;)

and who loves Apples to Apples like no one I've ever seen!!!!

which I cannot wait to have a large enough

one that people never want to leave & I love to cook!

(no we are not moving-just in case you were wondering)

the mystery of childhood..."How did it do that???"

Apr. 28, 2008


is for

#1 thing that brings me joy:


these make the best pictures!!


who i miss and want to be here so I can watch

"Black Sheep" and laugh until we pee!