Feb. 13, 2009


1. Would you ever consider moving away from Terrace?
In the winter, I'd love to live in Fiji. When its hot, I want to live in London. When its crazy, I want to live in Ireland. But seriously, I could never leave unless God spoke clearly to us that it was time. I love Terrace. This is my city!
2. Do you have any other career aspirations?
Photographer, Doula (Birth Coach), Artist, Sonographer
3. What was your first impression of your husband? Was there an instant attraction?
Well, I thought he wasn't very nice. But I thought he was really good looking. Before there was anything between us, we were incredible friends. We hung out all the time in the beginning. And we laughed a lot!
4. Have you ever questioned your faith? Do you have a defining moment when you knew you let Jesus into your heart?
I've questioned it a lot. Mark was talking to me about this recently. Can you have doubt & faith? I think you can. Doubt pushes you towards God. I don't think I would be human if I didn't question what I believed in. The reality is, He doesn't change, I do. But, if by questioning it, you mean wondering if it was the Truth, I never have felt that way. It was more the doubting that I was really forgiven, really saved.
One of the most defining moments was when Jesus spoke audibly to me. I was 18, living in Prince George for school. It was a Friday night & we were having worship at youth group. I was going through something really really hard. I was a mess, laying on the ground, bawling my face off. I all of a sudden heard somebody whisper in my ear, 'Ruth'. I looked up and the closest person was over 8 feet from me. I put my head down again & immediately heard it again, 'Ruth'
I felt the hair on my neck stand up and answered, 'Yes', my voice quivering & cracking. I knew in that moment that it was God. Then He said, 'Am I enough? Am I enough for you?' Up to that point in my life, I had restricted God to certain areas of rulership. He didn't have my whole life, He only had the parts that I had given , which weren't very many at all. At that moment, I felt was the turning point for me. He wanted all of me. He wanted to be enough. He wanted me to find my sufficiancy in Him alone. So, that was the moment that I let Him in completely.
5. What scares you?
Death. Not the after death part. Its the painful death part. And pretty much every animal. I'm scared of too much!
6. If you knew you couldn't fail, what is one thing you would do?
I would deliver a baby on my own or I would face a fear (ie. Shark cage) or maybe sing in front of a very large audience (to face my stage fright).
7. Where do you imagine yourself in 10 years?
In a home of our own, with our children (adopted of natural..?), building the church, whether thats here or someplace else, not sure & doing what we love.
8.What is one thing that you have always wanted to do, but have just never gotten around to it?
I want to go to on a holiday with Mark. Not a trip with people we know at the destination. But a real holiday with just Mark & I, away from everything we know!! Oh, how I dream!!
9. What was the best thing about growing up as a pastor's kid? and the worst thing?
The best thing was that I was told from a young age how great God is. Many P.K's (Pastors Kids) say that they saw one thing at church and the opposite at home. I NEVER saw that. My parents loved Jesus as much at home as they did at church. They lived christianity & that was the best thing. The worst part was the judgement I grew up with. I was put in a different category because my dad was a pastor. More was required of me. I was put under a microscope constantly. You can't imagine how many times I heard, 'I thought you were a pastors kid?'
10. Where is your favorite place to sit and think/read?
I love to go to the lake on a really warm windy day & lay on the grass, wrapped in a blanket. The wind does something to my soul...lol! I love it!


I'm needing inspiration as I've been having a mental block for blog posts!
Can somebody(ies) interview me???

Feb. 10, 2009


I'm on the road to change. I had success tonight when I was faced with the evil 'tell-all'. 6 successes actually! But yet, I didn't feel successful at all. I felt discouraged & overwhelmed with the huge challenge that lies before me. I feel vulnerable & scared that I won't make it; that I won't have victory. Enter Mark. Seriously, the man that was custom made just for me. Does he coddle me? Does he feed my emotional vent. Nope! Not for one second. The man is like my man-Jillian (if you watch Biggest Loser, you will know what I'm talking about)!! He stops me in my tracks & tells me that I need to stop right now! Of course, I'm stunned. He says, 'Stop dwelling on what you aren't and what you have way down the road! Stop telling yourself that you will never get there or that you somehow don't have what it takes! Do you know who you are? Who are you?'
I whisper, 'An overcomer?'
'You're what?'
'An overcomer' I say louder
'And what does God say that you can do?'
'I can do all things!'
'Through who?'
'Jesus Christ!'
'That what?'
'Gives me strength!'
'And has He started something in you?'
'What does He say He will do?'
'He'll be faithful to complete it!'
'So who are you?

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