Feb. 4, 2010

Hey everyone! Well, if you somehow haven't heard (this I will find shocking, because my mother tells perfect strangers on the street)....you might not have heard the craziest and most incredible news of our year....



We are so full of joy and amazement! This is an answer to many years of prayer from many people who have heard our story and committed to praying for a miracle!
It is such a celebration for everyone who hears, partly because we have been pretty open about our infertility, so most people know that this is no ordinary thing!
One thing that Mark said after we found out was 'Not one prayer was unanswered. God heard every single one, and was storing them up for his perfect time!'
God is so amazing!

I haven't been updating much because we started a pregnancy blog for our friends and family to follow.
You can find us here!

We want to thank everyone who has thought, prayed for, encouraged & hugged us over our 8 year wait. We are so grateful for you! And we can't wait to share our blessing when it comes!