Jul. 2, 2008

Man's Detours = God's Tours!

Well I couldn't wait till we returned to tell you about an incredible experience that we had travelling.
We were on our way to Cache Creek, through the canyon (obviously) & we had just driven through all the tunnels & just passed Boston Bar (about 2 hours from Hope), when just up ahead on the road were a huge line up of people stopped. People were out of their vehicles walking around, etc... We find out that a vehicle has caught fire, and because it is so hot & dry (32 degrees at 11pm), the fire is spreading & causing rock slides, & when the water comes in the helicopter it will cause more rock slides, so they were closing the highway. So everyone had to re-route to the coquihalla. So off we go back to Hope (another 2 hours). On our way, we see a large accident in the road and we begin to see God's hand of protection over us.

So far this trip, we have depended on Nuvi (our GPS) to lead us in the direction we need to go, cause we don't really know a lot about how to get around. Saying that, you'll understand we didn't know that we only had to go to Merrit to go around & hook up back at Cache Creek. We went all the way to Kamloops! On our way there, we are just overwhelmed with the majesty of God in His creation...

When we were nearing Kamploops, we hit a HUGE lightening storm, with the biggest, neon purple finger lightening I have ever seen!! The whole time, we feel the presence of God!!

Were like, "Ok, God, what are you doing with us tonight?"

We arrive in Kamloops & go to the Quality Inn (we stayed in one in LA, and thought it was a safe bet) but there was no vacancy. By this time it is getting close to 11pm & we are wondering, "This is the night before Canada Day. Are we even going to find a place?" The guy at the desk suggests the Comfort Inn down the road, so we take his advice & try there. We ask if there is vacancy & he says he has 1 room left!!!! We ask the room rate and he tells us $170 per night, cause all he has left is the king size bed with the jacuzzi tub! This is a little out of our price range, but we really don't have a lot of options at this point, so we say yes. We had told him prior to this about our many adventures and re-routing, etc.. He tells us that because it is late & we had gone through so much already, he will give us the room for $99!! YESSS!!!!

God, you are so good!

We get to our room, which is situated in the corner of the hotel. It is a beautiful room! And we are once again baffled, amazed & grateful that God knows what he is doing!

Mark notices on the back of the door, the map of the building for fire escape purposes. He notices that our room (because of being in the corner, I guess) has a title! Guess what it is?

This trip has taught us so much, about fully leaning on Jesus! We may not understand what He is up to, but He doesn't ask us to understand, He asks us to trust! And we will!