Aug. 29, 2008

Does anybody see?

Well, I want to post this artwork* because it has ministered to me lately.
Karen sent me some pictures of a photo shoot she did. Below is one of the pictures. It spoke volumes to me of how I felt on the inside. Feelings of loneliness, pain, confusion, hurt, frustration, anger & brokenness.
So I started to edit the picture in photoshop. As I stared at the picture, this poem came to me. Because even though I feel these things and even though they are so real, I am loved, comforted, carried & changed by the one who is the Answer!!

*with Karen's permission

Aug. 28, 2008


I have been fighting a bad cold the last couple days & have had no blogging energy! I feel like my head is full of rocks and my ears hurt sooo bad! My throat is so swollen that attempts to eat anything but food with the consistency of mashed potatoes is quite the feat, and every muscle feels like it was attacked by a SWAT team!
And of course I'm babysitting, so I don't get a nap time and all i want to do is just cuddle up in my bed with a jumbo cup of apple juice & watch a movie!
Ok, I'm done whining now!
Talk to you soon!
( ) ( )
(> ';'<)

Aug. 25, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Looking back, I'm so amazed at how far we've come. You have challenged me to be more than I thought I was. You've pushed me to not settle for anything less than God's very best for my life. I am still in awe of the man you are & the man I know you'll be! You are the greatest man I've ever known! You bring me me the life of Jesus in the word & in living like Him every day. Thanks for being gentle, strong, courageous, loyal, passionate & transparent as you have served Christ & me. You're example has spoken volumes to me.
I don't think I will get over the feeling of being un-worthy of such an incredible man. God really means it when He said that He is able to do abundantly more than we could ever think or imagine!

Mark, I love you more than I ever thought possible. Thanks for marrying me, for loving me, for being my best friend & my greatest fan! I'm forever grateful!