Jul. 8, 2008

Hope of the Unknown!

Well, our holiday pictures are coming..in movie form! And they will be here soon.

But what I love is the new guest feed on the right. This encourages me to write even though I might not get many comments. At least I know now I am not alone. Company is inspiration!
P.S. I saw this a while back and I laugh because of the truth of it. My hair is NEVER what I want it to be. I usually settle for the "This-is-what-I-get-&-if-I-try-one-more-time-I'm-reaching-for-the-husbands-razor-&-shaving-it-off-which-will-make-me-more- depressed-for-the-lack-of-the-GI Jane-I-see-in-the-mirror-look"

Anyways, that was my little rant. Love ya!