Nov. 12, 2008

My Christmas To Do List (Links included):
1. *Decorate House (Put up lights, decorate window, hang christmas-ee wall hangings, etc...)
2. Do Shopping (I have ZERO completed)
3. Be Frugal & Creative with gifts.
4. Organize & Sort Storage Room (make wrapping accessories shelf)
5. Plan Christmas Eve Fondue (3 in total: broth or oil, cheese & chocolate...yumm!)
6. Make 3 very full Christmas mix CD's to play on rotation when feeling festive!!
7. Take a picture of Mark and I and make Christmas cards!
8. Send Christmas Pic Cards (if you want one, email me your mailing address)
9. Do Christmas Baking...for the first time ever!
10. Make some of my favorite recipes from my Nigella cookbook (Thank you K & K!!)
11. Contemplate hosting a yummer gourmet christmas potluck! (Any thoughts??)
* -completed

Nov. 11, 2008

Thank you!