Aug. 2, 2008

Mark's Office...

Okay, although Mark would like his office to resemble George Lucas' home office:

I've convinced him to settle within our just barely smaller budget ;)

The colors are all natural: earth tones mostly...though he likes blue too!

The theme is : 'World Traveller meets wise, knowledgeable theologian professor!'

So basically, maps, treasures, lots & lots of books, natural stained wood shelves etc..

Here are some we liked:
We like this one cause of the cool inset shelving..and the display of sculptures & art!

The lighting is great in this one, & we like the seating, like its our own private library!
This pic is to show you what Mark dreams for: an office with windows surrounding him so he can look at creation. (He's so stinkin cute!)

Tuesday: ? (not sure yet)

Aug. 1, 2008

Our Bedroom...

Our bedroom theme is based on the picture of 'The Kiss' by Gustav Klimt.
The main color is brown (which is our bedding & furniture), & then accents of all the colors in the detailing of the flowers & her dress like orange, green & yellow.

Its my all time fave & I found it recently at Ikea! So its up in our bedroom right now. Its at least 8 ft. tall, so it makes the ultimate head-board/wall hanging! For our room, I like a mix of boho (bohemian=gypsy, hippie, carefree), modern & flea market (the vintage furniture or frames etc..). Bohemian can tend to have a lot of different patterns going on which I'm not a fan of, but I like the comfy, relaxed, inviting atmosphere it gives. I think if you were to narrow it down, I like modern/vintage/simple with boho accents like art, lamps, accessories. I'm sure there's probably a name that is all those aspects combined, but until I find it, I will just call it
'SimVinModHemian' :)
Here are some examples of what I like:

Tomorrow: Mark's Office

Jul. 31, 2008

New Topic... I've decided to do a mini section on 'OUR DREAM HOME'. I found this really cool website: & I've been finding rooms & designing my own too! So for the next week or so, my posts will be a room-a-day! Tomorrow will be Room 1: Our bedroom!

Jul. 29, 2008

I would die for that...

Just a little of how I'm feeling today