Jan. 15, 2009

In my eco/storage/decor dreams...

This is one project I want to do very very soon! I have some free time coming up, so I will be gutting my cupboards and revamping them!! Yahoo!!

I love the layout of this kitchen & the cool open shelf & counter

I love this crafty diddy!

Ok, I love love love this layout for a house...the open kitchen, dining room, living room!!!
And I love the bright turquoise chairs
(starla, click here and then click on 'hear'...lol!!!! I love you!)

Old sweater purse(Thrift Store Glory), will be my first purse attempt

Vintage wallpaper animal silhouettes

This is the color I want for my room...and we desperately need a shelf like this
(we have a chocolate brown duvet & brown accents...and we have the fantastic paintings that christy did for my birthday gift! So that will be the theme)

I really want to have a successfull herb garden this summer

I love love love this...Multi-use shelf made from apple cartons
(minus the random extend-a-lamp)

I love this corkboard made from real corks...I've begun collecting corks...so if you have any, send 'em my way!!

Staircase made from wood reclaimed from castle

Jan. 14, 2009

a friend

I have a friend

And my heart is grateful,
For we have walked
the mountains of joy & the valleys of despair
side by side.

I am never unsure of her presence
as I walk through fire.
I know that in the darkest times,
when my head hangs heavy &
my eyes burn from crying,
when my legs are lead & I can't raise my eyes,
I can reach out my hand
& find hers there, grasping tightly to mine,
promising in that moment to never let go.
I couldn't ask for someone better to
show me the very precious love of Jesus.
She is His hands & feet to me &
I will never ever be able to thank her enough!

Jan. 13, 2009

Everything Baby!

Well, the time has come again to show some baby stuff I love!
This time I will link the websites so you can steal ideas if you are so inclined..lol!

(*Note: To see our baby name list click the link on the bottom of page)
My #1 Favorite (also in black..Brad Pitt carries it.)


Cool Thing


Room Idea

Storytime Rocker



Tummy Tub

Girls Room

Boys Room

Unisex Room (my fave)