Jan. 12, 2007

The Many Faces of Jacob...

The Yawn
The Constipated Dimples
Prelude to the Dry Heave
The Dry Heave
The Flirty Grin
The Sleepy Grin

Jan. 11, 2007

Its been a while...

Hey there everyone! It truly has been a while. Please keep us in your prayers! We are going through God's valley right now. I say God's valley because we know that it is the hand of God that has brought us here and the hand of God that will bring us through, but it is not easy!
We wanted to share this song that has ministered to us lately
Now is the time
by Delirious (album: Mission Bell)
I’m a father and a son; I’ve been a lover with just one,
But this world can get me all undone,And I’m frightened I’m the only one.
I wrestle with the thoughts I keep,If I sow the seed of arrogance
then it’s loneliness I’ll reap,It’s loneliness I’ll reap.
Please don’t leave me stranded here,With a head of lies and a heart of fear.
My life’s a show on Gods TV,The world an audience, watching me.
So wake me, shake me, keep me sharp,As I touch the power of Gods great harp.
And this world can fill your head with praise,That steals me from eternal grace.
So how can I serve God and wealth?
I can captivate an army, but I can’t control myself.I can’t control myself.
Ghostly figure out at sea, I hear a voice that’s calling me,
To walk upon the waves of faith.For in the arms of God, I am safe.
All this time, since the day that I was born,
I’ve never known a time like this,
I don’t wanna let you down.

I will sing, sing for your light has come.