May 2, 2010

Random Update :)

Hi everyone! This will probably be a boring I apologize in advance.

Upcoming craft /art projects:
-putting up polka dot decals I got for Finn's room
-putting up wall quote (see further down post)
-painting a canvas trio & trying a new medium (glass bead gel) which I'm so excited for...I will post pics when I complete it. :)
-getting some prints done for a family tree collage (well, its technically only pictures of Mark & I as babies, then when Finn is born, we will put pics of him in the middle...hard to explain...but i will post those pics as well)

This is what I've been reading (The Mark of the Lion Trilogy by Francine Rivers)

This is what I'm reading next:

This is the hair color I'm getting after Finn arrives:

We are awaiting the arrival of this wall decal for Finn's room:

I got some pretty cool stuff when we went to PG for a couple days. This is one of my favorite things:

I'm in the midst of making a birth plan & booklet for my birth team (Mark, Mom, Leah) :) which is super exciting!
There is so much information out there, and I really want my "team" to be excited, ready and educated too! I will post my plan later (but on the baby blog) :)