Aug. 20, 2008

Is it only me?

This is totally random, but I thought I would share this weird phenomenom that happens to me first thing in the morning! Mark calls it 'angelina lips' cause it quite resembles her lips, except hers looks good in contrast to the rest of her features, where as mine? Its like I got punched in the face! They are huge and puffy! Does this happen to anyone else?

Morning Lips

Angelina's Lips
My Regular Lips

Aug. 19, 2008


Sunday was a great day! Church was awesome. After, a bunch of people went out to the lake! It was fantastic! Mark took this picture of me & Livvie! Its now in my Top 10 favorites!!

Well, the GTT (Geographical Training Time) is swiftly approaching & I've been trying to get the music done. I'm excited, nervous (like usuall) & anticipating great things. I'm very excited to have Rigby from South Africa & Mike from Nanaimo coming!! Here is the link to their churches:

I've also been writing some songs which I hope to post soon (if I get enough courage). Leah & I will be doing a set at the Hope for the Children Coffee House in September:

Its also our 7 year anniversary on Monday, the 25th! I can't believe its been that long! We will be celebrating it in September or October when we have a bit more money!

So that's my life in a nutshell lately! Busy & Beautiful, Leaning on the very capable arm of the Father, learning to trust Him alone!