Mar. 9, 2010


Lately, I've been thinking about running. I don't know why. But every commercial I watch seems to be something to do with running. My friends are posting on facebook about going for runs. And it goes on and on. So naturally, its on my mind. I then began to think about going through trials and brokenness.
You know that statement 'There are two kinds of people in the world'?
I really think thats true.
There are people who run to God and there are those that run from Him. When facing hurt, brokenness, trials or hardship, some press into God, run to Him for comfort, guidance, healing & restoration. Others blame Him, get angry with Him, make assumptions about Him and run away.
I want to be the first of those. I want to grab a hold of Him when I don't understand. I want to kneel at His feet when I am discouraged, hurting & broken and find wholeness in His presence. I want to run hard into His arms, knowing that He is the safest, most trustworthy place on earth that I can be.