Mar. 27, 2009

Final Decision

Well, I've made up my mind and this is what I've picked.
Its going to be this cut...

and somewhere between that color & highlights
and this...

not this dark though. I'm going to go lighter for summer! :)
(Did you hear that summer? I'm doing something for you, now, you can do something for me! like, SHOW UP!)

Mar. 25, 2009

Opinion anyone?

Well, 100% of the time, my hair does NOT look like this:

But it is getting pretty long & the ends are deader than dead.
So its time to revisit cut, color and such!
These are a few ideas I found, but as always, I need opinions!
So, help me out....please!!

I love this style of highlights...with the peek-a-boo (the right term evades me)
contrast underneath:

I also like this (minus the bangs, we know how that went last time!):

The other possibility is just going solid color:

Light or Dark Blonde

Dark or Light Brown

Auburn or Black

I'm probably going to leave as much length as I can....and also get a lot of layers because my hair is fine and volume-less.

I'm also up for suggestions. I'm not super picky and I'm up for most anything!
Thanks for your help!

My #1 Movie

Last night, Mark and I watched this movie!!!
It was absolutely amazing!!!!!!!
Totally amazing!!!
I wept my face off (a common occurence I know)

Anyways, if you haven't seen it, you must!!

Mar. 22, 2009

My Saturday finds...

Well, our saturday was awesome! We went for breakfast at our date spot. Then went around town looking for clothing. Mark got some new jeans and a hoodie. I got spaghetti tanks and these two great finds..

This shirt in black for $20

These jeans for $36 (Reitmans)

I searched high and low for nice, really comfy shoes that were good on my feet.
I finally found these at Sidewalkers. I'm still deciding on them. They seriously felt like heaven. But I need outside opinion!! What do you guys think of them? Are they stylish enough? I need to decide by Friday!

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