Dec. 4, 2008

My Christmas Wish List:

I've been itching to write songs and record them-

I'm so in love with Bob Ross.


Am I the only one with bargain makeup brushes.
They shed all over and feel like sandpaper.

*Those of you faithful readers will recognize a few of these items from last year!

Dec. 3, 2008

2 Choices

I've narrowed it down to 2 careers:
I am starting to look into starting a photography & design studio, being i would also design christmas cards, do photography art, etc...
(I would also like to make most of my own equipment)
So, I am looking at photography courses online, DIY photography studio websites, etc...

I'm also considering starting a small inhome preschool once we find
a new place with a area big enough for one.
I'm in the beginning steps; looking at regulations, licensing, curriculum,

Q: Do you have any insight at starting a small business, DIY websites, online courses, or anything that would help in this. Thanks!

Nov. 30, 2008

'Let no one come to you without leaving better & happier.
Better in heart, better in spirit, better in life!'

Today, I was amazed by my church family.
They gave above & beyond to a great need & I've never been so proud of them.

Those of you who gave, thank you! You are the hands & feet of Jesus!
You have shown His love in the most tangible way!
You are world changers!! And I am priviledged to know you!