Mar. 6, 2009

My Weekend!

Tomorrow, I will be photographing a wedding of my friends,
Lance & Cindy

This will be my first wedding using my new camera

And the lighting is going to be mostly...

So, I'm hoping I can capture something like this...

and not this...

As well, on Sunday, I will be doing

with my junior youth class.

Busy Weekend!
Pray for Peace!! :)

Mar. 4, 2009

i love this boy!

One song comes to mind. It goes like this...
'Whatta man...'

Mar. 2, 2009

A Grateful Heart!

Well, I can't even begin to tell you the excitement I feel at all of the stuff I am getting.
I recently hosted a Norwex Party
I had a few friends there & we had a fun evening.
My mom was thoroughly convinced, which takes a whole lot when it comes to cleaning!

This is all the stuff I'm getting with my Hostess Package
(Possibly the best Hostess package I've ever seen):


Laundry Detergent

Dental Floss

Car Cloth


Cleaning Paste

Mattress Cleaner

3 Enviro Cloths

Enviro Cloth Travel 4 Pack

Body excited about this!

Value: Over $200...WOW!

I'm really excited because this puts me one huge step closer to completing one of my Resolutions for 2009!
Thanks to all the ladies who made this possible!!!! :)
I'm so grateful!!

These are the rest of the items on my list to get still:

Wet/Dry Mop

Dishwasher/Washer Magnet Balls

Dryer Balls


Micropad (like Magic Eraser minus formaldehyde)

Toilet Brush & Cleaner

Kitchen Dish Cloths

Bath Mat (Holds 10x its weight in water)