Jan. 23, 2009

New blog!

Ok, this might be a little crazy on my part, but I've started another blog. My goal is to be able to post on different blogs depending on subject & content. It is not to see how 'multi-task' i can become. I just want my main blog to be about regular life events, my kitchen one is my vent & rejoice about health & fitness struggle & victory, my song one is a devotional (which I might delete since I post that stuff on here. And my photography blog..well thats self explanatory. But the new one?

I tend to do these long posts on all the new baby, eco, accessory, gadget stuff I find. All that will now be on my new blog!

Please don't feel you have to follow those too. Its more for my own sanity! ha!

Here is the list:


Jan. 21, 2009

How can I save them?

I am so grieved by friends that I see, choosing to live their lives vacant of Him.
I want to wave my arms, yell at the top of my lungs, 'WHY?!'
What is more important than Him?
How can you know peace or have hope without Him?
There is a knot in the pit of my stomach lately because I don't know how to save them.
I don't know what words will make them see.
What will turn them back?
And then I remember...I am not God.
I am not the one that can rescue & restore.
I cannot ransom, redeem or renew a life from the grave.
Only He can.
And He hears this heart breaking.
He sees His Prodigals.
And He will call them home.
I only have to believe!

Jan. 18, 2009


#1 Winner of the BEST PRODUCT EVER!!!!!!
-if you've seen my facebook, you probably know all about this product, but if you haven't,
this product rocks!!!!!!! I wear it with & without makeup!! I love it!!
It has been compared to 'Smashbox photo finish makeup primer' and most people prefer it! It is also a heck of a lot cheaper than smashbox too! Mine cost me around $11.00

Here are some things to know:
· Dries to a powder finish.
· Creates a matte surface so makeup glides on and stays on.
· Smooths out large pores, uneven skin tone and blemishes.
· Prevents breakouts.
· Allows for much smoother for eye shadow application on mature skin.
· Keeps make-up looking fresh by locking it in.
· Makes your face look youthful and dewy.
· Helps concealer glide on.
· Doesn't feel greasy.
· Helps mineral make up last longer and look less cakey.
· Makeup stays on for 8+ hours, looking as good as when first applied.
· Excellent mattifier on top of any cream/lotion/sunscreen.
· Fragrance free.
· Non-irritating.
· Non-toxic.
· Non-staining
· Smooths skin texture which reflects light and eliminates
shadows (so you look younger)
· Tasteless (if someone kisses your cheek)
· Non-pore-clogging (non-comedogenic)
· Keeps your makeup fresh in 100+ degree heat (great for summer)
· Gentle enough to use every day.
· Softens appearance of fine lines.

Blistex Silk & Shine- I love love love this stuff!

Well, anyone who knows me, knows my addiction to my eyelash curler! And yes, I do heat it up when I use it!

Sally Hansen Concealer Wheel!!! Any color wheel will do...but the essential colors you need are green, yellow and a foundation-ish color!

Pantene Pro-V Ice Shine Duo...just started using this....unbelievable!!!

When I do wear foundation..i use this...
Covergirl Smoothers...i like it cause its really light and not oily

Bonne Bell Blend n' Glow...I have 'sunkissed...it comes in more pink tones & dark bronzing colors.
Its a great alternative to blush...its shimmery & makes your skin glowy.

Well, I have forever been a Maybelline mascara girl & have recently been converted to 'Avon Astonishing Lengths'. Its awesome...especially for people consumed with their eyelashes..like me! Ha!Ha!

Kitchen Aid 3.5 quart roaster...i cook everything in here!!! I just made my first roast chicken...yumm-o!!

Norwex Antibac Microfiber cloths...ok, I haven't actually got them yet, but they are on their way & they will immediately go to the top of my list!!!

We won these at Marks christmas staff party...they are actually incredible knives...even miraculous!!

Pizza baking stone...I don't make a whole lot of pizza, but I use this stone for all my baking!

My favorite scents:

My all time favorite book:

Favorite Magazines:
People, Womens Health, Parents Special Issue (Baby Products), Real Simple & any organization mags.