Sep. 11, 2009

20 things....

When you have no time to blog, this is what to do...write it in point form to get the main things out there. Works for me!

1. Sending my registration today for my course (yahoo!!! )
2. Loving our new furniture! Thanks to Marks Dad & The Henschels!
3. Working on a new schedule
4. Praying for a miracle...well a few actually.
5. Missing friends.
6. Hurting from sleeping wrong...yet again.
7. Wishing I could go on a real holiday with Mark. Somewhere tropical or Disney-ish.
8. Hoping I can get all my pre-reading done before my course.
9. Dancing with Mark every chance I get.
10. Cooking Gluten Free...and its yummier than expected!
11. Watching Food TV! I can't get enough!
12. Reading 'Where the River Ends' and 'Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn'
13. Writing Music again....its been a long while.
14. Wrapping presents for my sisters birthday...she is almost 22!!!
15. Wanting to buy a house....but the though of it terrifies me!
16. Organizing my life, one giant pile of stuff at a time!
17. Planning my year, and wondering how to do it all.
18. Seeing my life through His eyes.
19. Trying to be me, not everyone else I want to be!
20. Keeping my eyes on Jesus while failing, falling, and flailing through life!