Jul. 10, 2009

Here it is...

Here is the Color Palette:

Here is the inspiration board I made:

Jul. 9, 2009

10 yr. Rapidly Approaching

Well, as you know I mentioned awhile ago that Mark and I were going to go to the BVI for our 10 yr. Renewal Celebration. We've been doing a lot of thinking and discussion about the subject. We really want everyone close to us to be there and we REALLY don't want $$$ to be the reason anyone would not attend. This is all still in the works. I know it seems early, but by the beginning of 2010, I want to have all these kinks worked out so that we can start planning for real. Mark and I just sat down and I forced asked him to make some concrete decisions about color, theme, etc... which he did without screaming complaining...what a gem, eh? lol! So anyways, I am in the midst of making a inspiration board to share...its going to be so incredibly cool! I'll give you a hint...the theme is 'Earth'. Hopefully tomorrow I can post some sneak peeks!!

Jul. 7, 2009

Drumroll Please.....

Head over here to have a exciting and long awaited surprise!!!!!!!