Sep. 11, 2008

Not the same...

Well, lately as I've cleaned my house, I've listened to messages. So far I've listened to...

'No Ordinary Worshipper' Part 1 by Alan Frow
'No Ordinary Worshipper' Part 2 by Alan Frow
'The Church of Noble Character' by Alan Frow
'Bringing Through a Resilient People' by Peter Howard Brown

They were all so good!! I laughed (especially on the one by Peter Brown), I cried alot, especially on the 'Church of Noble Character!!'
I'm being challenged. God is leaving no stone unturned in my life!
I feel him gently but firmly taking the pruning shears to my character, my motives, my heart condition & attitude & telling me in his loving way, 'No, daughter, this just won't do! I can't have a child of mine looking this way! You are a daughter of the King! You are royalty! You have an inheritance that outweighs anything you could ever imagine in this life! So that torn up, dirty coat your wearing? That has got to go! I've got something better in mind!'
It really is unfathomable to me that the God of the Universe would take interest in me enough to teach me & change me! The majority of the time I chafe at the bit. I kick and scream or dig in my heels at the possibility of change, but He knows me so well. He knows how to get into my heart. He knows the insecurities & the questions. He knows why I am the way I am. And He is faithful to walk beside me, to hold me & to not leave me the same!
God, thank you that your love is relentless!!

Links to messages:

Sep. 8, 2008

Expanding my knowledge & Shrinking my waistline...

Well, I've come to the conclusion if I want to be balanced in christian literature, I need to expand the tent pegs of my mind!
So I'm beginning with this book..Mark recommended it because I had read some quotes by the author and was very moved by them. I read the first page & became so enthralled with it, so I hope that is a good sign

So I will let you know how the book is as I read it!!
Also, being inspired by Half Soled Boots
I am trying out a fitness challenge...that I will update as well, but on my food blog
along with fat fighting foods!!Yippee