Sep. 20, 2008

On my birthday...

Well, 28 years have passed & I would love to tell you I am this awesome, well rounded, emotionally balanced, lovely girl. I'd love to tell you that, but I'd be lying. I am still on the road to learning my true identity, still grappling with bringing my emotions & attitudes under the reign of Christ. I am still a work in progress. But today, on my 28th birthday, I look back at the lessons I have learned along the way...

1. To love the underdog, the unloveable, the outcast
(taught to me by Carol who lived the majority of her life with street people)

2. That surrendering to Christ does not mean you are a drone or a robot, but a whole, diverse, unique & beautiful human being with tons to offer the body of Christ & the world
(taught to me by Kim & Leah, artists & dancers who create and therefore show the world they are made in the image of God!)

3. Surrendering to Christ is laying down your will for something much greater than your own, believing that Jesus knows whats in your heart, for He created it & is more than able to give you the desires that are there!
(taught to me by Mark, who has been my strength & fed the Word to me when dealing with our infertility)

4. Discipline is not a bad thing! No, really! Its not! It is for our sake, just like a tree needs to be pruned so that the rotted branches don't take over the healthy branches. Pruning is painful & hard. But the rewards are endless. Fruit comes from our lives that we wouldn't have thought possible!
(taught to me by my parents, who everytime I was disciplined, would sit beside me & share about Jesus' love for me & how it would change me!)

5. Jesus is so faithful to supply EVERY need! He has come through over and over again. He loves us so much & will take care of his kids! (taught to me by the Colbornes, Penners, Browns... who have walked the road of faith, seeing miracles of God's provision!)

6. I am loved exactly how I am! Insecurities, faults, cracks & sin! And the best part is He loves me enough to not leave me that way!
(taught to me by the team, who live their lives to teach us that God uses scallywags & kermudgens to accomplish great things!)

Well, there is so much more I have learned over the years, things I know in my head, but am still learning to know in my heart. One thing I know in my heart is that God has given me phenomenal friends! Ones that have walked this road with me, lifting my arms, brushing off the dust when I've fallen flat on my face, speaking life into my withering heart & never letting me accept defeat! To those friends, you know who you are! Thank you for making my birthday great! Because I can look back on 28 years and know one thing for certain!
I am loved! :)

Sep. 16, 2008

Biggest Loser begins tonight!!!!

Check out my other blog for details of why I'm so excited!!!

Sep. 14, 2008

Beautiful Lolee!!!!!

Its my baby sisters birthday today! She is 21!
This makes me very old, well almost!
She is my iron sharpening iron,
my friend for life &
I'm grateful for her!
She is the first miracle I ever witnessed!
I prayed & prayed for a
baby sister & God answered!
We have had our bumpy road, full of joy & sorrow,
but I wouldn't trade it for the world!
No one knows me like her!

I love you Leah!