Jun. 2, 2009

Our Trip Part 1

Guy & Rachel and Fam

Kisses on Mount Royale



This is the street where a huge portion of the orthodox jews live.

Here is a little boy with the curls

Basilique Notre Dame in Montreal

Inside the Fairmont in Old Quebec City

A view of Old Quebec City

Jun. 1, 2009

Glorious Travelling!!

OH MY WORD!! We had an incredible time!! We fell in love with Montreal...totally incredible!! There is lots of pictures coming (still uploading them). One thing I cannot wait to post is:
We have picked the location of our 10 year renewal getaway! For those of you that haven't heard, we are planning an incredible getaway for 2011 for ANYONE who wants to come! It will be our 10 yr. anniversary, so we will be renewing our vows on the beautiful beaches of......

TORTOLA, BVI (British Virgin Islands)

While we were in Toronto, we met an incredible family that leads a church in Tortola. We told them we wanted to come renew our vows there and so all we made a plan (sort of..lol) When the time gets a little closer...we will set the date, etc...
I'm so excited!!!