Nov. 24, 2006

Away for a wedding....

Hey there folks!!! Just thought I'd say hello. I'm down visiting family in the town of the cougars*wink* We've been having a lot of fun. Last nite was an interesting one though...
Leah & I were driving from Mr. & Mrs. M's house to here house across town. We were just about to go on the on ramp onto the highway when we saw a lady that had hit sheer ice and had ended up on the meridian. Leah slowed down to 15-20 and we went to make the turn, but we didn't all!! We headed straight for her car. The terrifying thing was...she was out of her car and standing with her back to us right where we were headed. Leah tried slamming the brakes but it was no use. We just sailed right towards her. Leah laid on her horn and the lady spun around to see us froze and then jumped out of the way just as we went up on the meridian and hit her car. It was pretty scary. Not the car bit, but being within inches of hitting somebody. Leah's car got the worst of it, with a smashed headlight, cracked fender and a lot of scratches.
The crazy thing is, we found out that there was a van who had done the exact same as us, but had taken out a sign, popped their tire and ripped off their hub cap & a bit of their fender. So we went to a nearby parking lot to exchange numbers & I stayed in the car as they went inside a business to use the phone. I watched that corner for the next half hour and 6 more cars did what we did. Fishtailing, spinning, up on the meridian & so on. We were the only ones who hit someone though!
Both our necks and backs were sore afterward, but I'm positive that it has nothing to do with the accident and everything to do with the tension and worry of the situation. We joke now that its over, maybe we'll be the only ones in history with 'slow motion whiplash'!!!
Well, I'm coming home on Sunday and will be posting a bunch of pics then of 'Pockets' (Jacob)