Jul. 15, 2009

All things wedding...

...but not mine!
Carin's Wedding is quickly approaching! And I'm going to attempt to do my own hair...eek!
These are the hairstyles that I like....

I'm hoping its not too difficult!
And here is how I want to try and do my makeup...double eek (its all about saving money)!

And Lucky Me, I found the youtube tutorial (by her in fact) which is awesome
Click HERE for the video

One thing I really need to figure out is if I want to keep my hair dark or put highlights in!
Any Suggestions??

Sorry for the non-interesting post!

Jul. 13, 2009

Eco, Organic, etc...

I have been informing myself about all things organic, eco-friendly, chemical free. I am far from knowing it all but I have found a few websites that I found very interesting. Whether you are single, married, or a mother (or father) of few or many children, the topic of living organically, eco friendly, or chemical free may have crossed your mind as well.
So, here is a few websites that can help you in your education:

Holistic Moms Network
Organic Pregnancy, Birth, and PostPartum
Organic Products
Organic Gardening
Eco Friendly Products

P.S. And coming soon...an organic farm near you! Thanks Anita! :)

Living *clean* is important...our bodies will thank us!

Here are some practical tips to help you get started:

  • REMOVE toxins:
    • • Avoid processed foods.
    • • Buy organic when possible.
    • • Buy eco-friendly cleaning products.
    • • Remove one or more of the foods that cause food allergies, sensitivities and are mucus-forming, such as dairy, bread, pasta, sugar, white rice and red meat.
    • • Remove the bad bacteria in your gut with plant and herbal antibacterials and use garlic, lemon, olive oil, oregano oil, thyme and cayenne pepper – all powerful natural antimicrobials.
  • RESTORE what is lacking:
    • • Consume nutrient-rich foods (vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes).
    • • Use supplements to boost availability of your specific depletions (the B vitamins are commonly depleted).
    • • Soak up some sun. Fifteen minutes of sun exposure a day will allow you to sustain better levels of vitamin D for bone strength and protection from cancer and depression.
Feel free to post links that you like in your comments and I will add them to my list!