Mar. 20, 2009

Next week...

Next Payday, I am making a few purchases.

New Balance Shoes
(This is the Foot Doctors command to help with my weird foot pain & back)

(I wish they made dressy 'good-for-your-back' shoes)

if only it would like this when I wear them ;)

A Jacket

I have not had a new jacket in a very long I'm hoping to find a nice semi-dressy one...since we will be hitting some fancy spots in Montreal & Toronto.
Hopefully I can get my behavior to follow suit! :)

Mar. 18, 2009

Fun day with Jabby & Ella

Today, we went for breakfast to Denny's with my Mom & Dad & our friend, Florli, that came up to visit. Then we got dropped off at the library. It wasn't open for 45 minutes, so we headed through the snow to the park and played (well, the kids played and I observed).
Once at the library, the kids were in their glory!! They played puzzles, picked out books and movies & fell in love with the library's mascot, a large tarantula named Maxine!
Then we walked to the bus stop at the medical center, took the bus all over town which the kids loved, especially since we sat at the very back and the kids were laughing so hard every time we kit a bump. After the final stop at the mall, we had 45 minutes to kill before the next bus, so we walked to McDonalds and grabbed the kids lunch to go. They wanted to eat in the bus shelter (you know the one that you want to disinfect before entering, ya, that one) So we did.
Then we took the bus home.
It was a fun day! The kids loved it too, which was the best part!

Mar. 16, 2009

and a little music for your day...
this one is in my top 10 (my grandma used to sing it to me)
click here