May 9, 2008

P is for...

is for

who I wouldn't change for anything!!!
He is my Father, but also my leader! I follow him as he follows Christ! And many of you wonder "Oooh! What must it have been like to be a pastors kid growing up?"
Well, I lived with a man who had weaknesses just like everyone else. He failed, messed up & fell short like anyone else. But the man I grew up showed
me what it was like to fall at the feet off Jesus. He taught me what it meant to live in the Grace of God, and to cling whole heartedly to His unchanging love.
He taught me to love the unlovely, accept the rejected, adopt the abandoned & receive the forsaken. He taught me because he lived this. Day in and day out. This was the man I saw.
That no matter the mistake, He was totally in love with his Savior and he would do anything in his power to live a life of worship & adoration to the One who had reached down into the mire & rescued him.
I'm proud to know him!

which I love soooo much & since I'm taking pictures at a wedding tomorrow, I thought I'd give you some photographers eye candy

These are some of my favorites &
the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the world:



May 8, 2008

May this be me...

is for

The Oak

A thunderous storm got up one night
with pouring rain and forks of light,
gale force winds rushed through the wood,
to where the mighty oak tree stood.

But the old Oak tree it stood its ground
when younger trees fell all around,
ripping branches, tearing bark,
the wind raged on into the park.

The howling tempest raged and spoke
"How are you still standing mighty oak."
The tree replied, I know that you,
could break a branch of mine in two,
shake my limbs, make me sway,
carry all my leaves away.

But my roots are strong and sound,
buried deep into the ground.
blow and blow with all your might,
strike my bough with forks of light.
You'll never beat me for you see,
roots are the deepest part of me,
and I've found out, all thanks to you,
I'm stronger than I ever knew.

May 7, 2008

Nerds!!!! YES!!!

is for

one of which I am obviously a fan!!

Nacho Libre
which is in my top 10 funniest list, but I
won't recommend it any of you, because most people don't get it at all!!! I think there are like 5 people i know who like it and everyone else hates it with a passion!! Oh well.