Mar. 1, 2007

My American Idol Picks...

This is the first year I've watched a whole season of American Idol and I'm loving it
These are my faves:
Gina Glocksen- I love her voice. She's totally different than previous winners. I don't think she'll go all the way, but I really like her!!

Melinda Doolittle-This is the girl I think will win it and if she doesn't I will be sooo surprised. She has got the most incredible voice ever!!!

Sundance Head- This guy is super good and his name is eh?

Chris Richardson- This guy is good too...different which is a good bonus!!

Feb. 28, 2007


On February 25th, 2006, Ryan proposed to Leah at church in front of the whole church!!! There was a lot of cheers that morning! We are soooo excited!! Later that afternoon, the four of us (Ryan, Leah, Mark & I) went to our favorite adventure spot and took was a lovely day!!

Feb. 27, 2007

Aunties Eyes...

Okay, yes, i know obviously he doesn't have my eyes, as being of no blood relation to me, but

you have to acknowledge the resemblence. Now that I think about it, I think he has my nose....*wink*

Feb. 25, 2007


There are very few pictures of Mark and I that I really like (well me in the pics)! But today Leah took some of us and... I LOVE THEM!!! Here they are...

My 'Champion'

I wanted to give honor to one of my greatest friends in the whole world! On February 23rd she exceeded my expectations. One of the nurses continued to call her 'Champ' & 'Champion' ! She truly was! She became my hero & champion while she endured a hard labor to deliver her beautful little Liv all the while maintaining her 'manners' & sense of humor even in the midst of it all! What an honor it was for me to be a witness to this miracle! Thanks Chris & Christy for letting me be a part of your extra special day! I love you much!!!!