Jul. 18, 2006

My Fave Video Found!!!

This is one that I saw a long time ago, but could never find it again:
If its not your kind of humor, I'm sorry! Don't worry its not bad! But it is funny!!!!

The Daily Dancer

Well, I know that Sirena posted the link to the daily dancer on her blog a while back, but I just wanted to share my fave with you. If you go to www.dailydancer.blogspot.com and go to the video archives and click on Friday, Nov.18, 2005 - "What a feeling" Part 2. This guy is so funny! I love it. I've watched this one clip 15 times. He is part hip-hop, tap, interpretive, ballet, aerobic instructor & a bit of Mark in there too! I can hardly handle it. I laugh so hard...every time! ENJOY!!!

Eve, our baby!

This is our new baby, Eve! LOL! Well, its our incredibly cool car that was given to us by Marks incredibly generous Grandma! What a gift! Its a 2002 Toyota Corolla Sport! And Marks favorite part: A nice BLACK dash!!

This is me...now!

Well, I'm not starting a fitness journal, and I'm not going to chart weight loss or anything, but I thought I'd let you know, I joined Kick-Bo! It is extremely hard, & painful the day after, but I love it! I have never felt this good about myself. I know i have a very long way to go, but being on the road to fit is farther than I've ever been. I'm excited! I know God is going to give me strength to admit my weaknesses, to push through the pain and work out even when its the very last thing on earth I want to do.Pray for me! This is a turning point in my life. I want everything in my life to show the glory of God! Including this extra large, run-down temple!!

Our Wedding