Aug. 9, 2008

The Always Exciting Bathroom ;)

We like the simple, calm, natural, spa-feel bathroom.

Stone, Natural wood, lots of natural light. relaxing!

Aug. 8, 2008

Our Living Room...

Hey, all...i started a new blog ...
Check it out!
Well, our living room is very important! Entertaining, fellowship, comfort, inviting...all this is really important to us! We love simple, retro-ish (not full blown, but pieces of it). Picture #2 is both Mark & my favorite one! We love the flooring, the dark painted beams,vaulted ceiling, big windows, shag rug..all of it! We aren't too picky about the colors, though I'd rather have neutrals and accent with colors. I'm so in love with the furniture in Pic #1, but in a different color! It just looks soooo inviting!!

Aug. 7, 2008

Tag you're it!

10 random things about me...

1. I can't stand gum...i can chew it if I have to, but I can't look at chewed gum or see it in peoples mouth, its a full blown phobia!!
2. I love horse jumping on tv
3. When I die, I want my heart thrown over Victoria Falls in Africa
4. I once wanted teal, grey & white as my wedding colors
5. I once was obsessed with Mickey Mouse & had the bedroom border!!
6. My best friend had the same boyfriend, faked playing the same instrument in school & is pretty much me in another body!
7. I love indie-chick music!
8. I once swam in the mediterranean sea with a bleeding leg in the same spot there were great white sharks 1 day prior!
9. The most embarassing moment of my life was when I peed on stage during a performance at Vanier Hall in front of 300+ people! And the crazy thing was no one knew!!!!
10. I love love love being part of a church family, not a congregation, but a family. I have never felt community or love like that anywhere & I'm really grateful for it!

I tag:
Steph (because her posts crack me up)
Tamara (she will put something creepy)

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My Art/Photgraphy/Music Room

I love storage, so this room will have lots of it. I would love to have it divided into sections, like one corner: Painting. Another: Music. And Another: Photography. I love the idea of having a attic/loft style. I like simple decoration like a jar of branches or a piece of art. There would be no color scheme & probably have only one wall of color or a wall of art like in pic #2. I like that the decoration will be art & photos. I want a huge table in the center of the room for art/craft get togethers!! The last 3 pictures are just great art storage ideas.

Aug. 6, 2008

Our 'Someday' Baby Room...

*Sigh* The baby room! This is obviously the one I put a lot of thought into. Though I love giraffe's, I don't want a safari or animal print bedroom, though I really like zebra print rugs, throw pillows etc...picture 7. I have an ever growing collection of giraffes that will be displayed on a shelf somewhere I'm sure. I love very modern, funky & eclectic for the baby room. I'm leaning toward a very bold, bright green, at least on one wall. I love green & brown with small bits of brighter colors like the bright aqua-ish color in pictures 1 & 3. If you have seen the movie, 'Nanny McFee', the green of Mr. Brown's office with the distress treatment...I love!!! Also, the 4th picture down, The wood wall..i am liking a whole lot! I also really like round, oval & corner cribs, especially the one that divides in two for twins or quadruplets even(*wink*) like in pics 8 & 9, 12 & 13, each quarter comes off and you can arrrange it in a corner or on opposite walls!!!

These are 2 of the websites where I got a lot of the pictures:

Aug. 5, 2008

Our Kitchen...

So this is our kitchen.
The styles are a mix of a few...spanish/mediterranean, modern/industrial & vintage...the main goal in our dream kitchen is to have a big open space for entertaining..ideally, we would like the living, kitchen & dining room to be one big open area! Color schemes are still undecided as the below pictures will indicate: