Oct. 30, 2008

99 Balloons

Well, you Oprah watchers will already have seen this or heard the story. But, I 'm having a hard time even writing this out so I will let you watch for yourselves.
Grab Kleenex!

Oct. 28, 2008

Life Updates

1. Mark got a new job that he will be starting Nov.5th. So exciting!

2. We were toying with the idea of possibly buying a house, but have decided against it, for now, because we really want Mark to be settled in the new job before we venture into another great unknown.

3. God has been teaching me a lot about dependence on Him alone. I have a tendency to think when opportunities arise to jump on them and hold on for dear life. I am learning that just because there is an option, doesn't mean its a Yes. This is a constant hard one to deal with. But His mercies are new every morning!

4. Mark and I watched 'Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed!' It was absolutely incredible. Everyone should watch it! I can't even begin to tell you how eye-opening it was!

5. I am officially done photography until after christmas (except for the one family that I have left ;)...you know who you are!!) I'm hopefully getting a camera for Christmas, so I will start up again in the New Year with Mad-Ninja-Photo-Skills (i have no idea where that came from!)

6. We are heading to the Island Mid-November for a conference. I'm excited for that! I love travelling with Mark. He's so cute!!