Jul. 25, 2008

Joy, Laughter, etc...

Well, we are off to our Ladies Retreat tonight & I thought I'd share a few thoughts on joy!

The theme of our retreat is "Time to Laugh", which has caused a lot of introspection! Do I really have joy?!

Its funny because the last time we had a retreat with the name beginning with "Time.." it was back when I was 15 or 16, and our youth group hosted a ski rally (guys, can you believe we actually did that?) It was awesome! We led the worship (BJ leading wearing his upholstery vest), did dramas, the works! I think of us then & where a lot of us are now, & its crazy to think of where God has brought us! Char, Christy, Chris, BJ, Bekki....There are so many of us! And I love to think about what God has brought us through & taught us to overcome! We are not even the same people we were then & I'm grateful for it! I love that God has transformed & radically changed lives! We are dynamic, sold out, God chasers & I wouldn't have it any other way!

So on the morning of our retreat, I have huge hopes. Today is the beginning of something great, something profound, something that will change the way we view our lives forever. Because we want to be ones, no matter what the circumstance, w to that we choose to have JOY!
I want to laugh at things that would normally make me cry. To find the joy in the hardship; to know that even though the situation is so hard & at times feels unbearable, I'm not going to or will I ever be anywhere but right in the arms of Jesus. That is something I can have joy in!
My eternal security, my hope, my source, & my everything is not dependant on man (even Mark) but is in Him alone. If I live like I believe it, then I should have joy all the time! For Jesus never fails me! He never disappoints, He never changes. So if I rely solely on Him, I shouldn't change either! I want to be that person!
I want to laugh in the hardest circumstance because I know that my God is bigger than it all! So to all, not just the ladies, it is Time to Laugh!
Because we serve the God who is JOY !

Jul. 22, 2008

I thought I'd share this song with you. I bought this CD on our trip & this song is incredible!
Hope for the Hopeless
stitch in your knitted brow
and you don't know how
you're gonna get it out
crushed under heavy chest
trying to catch your breath
but it always beats you by a step,
all right now
making the best of it
playing the cards you get
you're not alone in this
there's hope for the hopeless
hope for the hopeless
there's hopecold in a summer breeze
yeah, you're shivering
on your bended knee
still, though your heart is sore
and the heavens pour
like a willow bending with the storm,
you'll make it
running against the wind
playing the cards you get
something is bound to give
there's hope for the hopeless
hope for the hopeless
there's hope
there's hope for the hopeless
hope for the hopeless
there's hope

Jul. 20, 2008

New Direction..

Dear Readers,

I'm looking to go in a new direction, but I'm not sure which way I'd like to go. I'd like your input, if you wouldn't mind. Do you enjoy the fun, light hearted ones or would you like more of the meat; the brooding, emotional guts of who I am :) I'm happy to go either way, or if you'd like something that I've never posted, then please let me know! Even if you are not usually a commenter, please make an exception just this once. I'd love to know what you'd like to see here too!

Thanks to all who read this!